What a day to be Donald Trump

What a day to be Donald Trump. Imagine if your Secretary of the Treasury, your former White House Counsel, and your Attorney General are all simultaneously under threat of being held in contempt of Congress? Bad enough? Now imagine The New York Times releases a decade’s worth of proof of your grotesque business incompetence showing over a billion dollars in losses, upending the lynchpin of the persona you’ve cultivated your entire life, that you’re a self-made and highly successful real estate mogul. Bad enough?

Now imagine that there are over a dozen active investigations against you and just about everything you’ve ever touched. Everything King Midas touched turned to gold; everything Donald Trump touches turns to a flaming bag of shit. If that doesn’t get your burger greased-heart pumping, nothing will.

One criticism among Trump supporters and cynics alike has been that liberals, and more broadly people who exercise logic and critical thinking, have been shrieking into the abyss, waving their arms about with enraged abandon, but to no avail. The chelonian curse to humanity that is Mitch McConnell said as much this morning, vainly proclaiming “case closed.” Talk about speaking too soon.

Case not closed. This isn’t a witch hunt so much as a boar hunt. People have been wondering when it all starts to come crashing down on Trump. Well, here we are. No one can say for sure how long this will last, but I suspect that for some investigations at least, the answer very well could be several years. Trump’s incremental coup, his attempt at dismantling democracy and the American system by taking nibbles on the edges, is, like everything he does, a flop. The entropy of the situation is building, and it’s only going to worsen for Trump.

Robert Mueller will testify to Congress in the near future, and he’ll give testimony that you’ll probably remember for years to come. It’ll be memorable, but it might only come in second to the date when Trump finally gets his whopper dragged out of the White House. The fight isn’t nearly over, but for the first time, I think we can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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