People who still support “president” Donald Trump – despite all his criminal activities, cruelty, and downright crass behavior – need to read how he continues to milk all of us for profits. Not that it would do any good. They will simply find a way to deny what’s going on under their very noses. Trump continues to make money from his business enterprises on the backs of the American people. His golf outings alone have cost taxpayers $130.4 million. Adding to his coffers, Trump hosted a Super Bowl Party at Mar-a-Lago.

As many experts have predicted, now that Trump has been “acquitted,” he will go back to doing what he did before and worse. This past weekend proves that. The American taxpayers are on the hook for $3.4 million for Trump’s members only Super Bowl party at Mar-a-Lago, which invisible press secretary Stephanie Grisham has the nerve to call the “Winter White House.” No, this is a for-profit golf course, which profits are going directly into “president” Trump’s pocket via a trust that names him the “sole beneficiary,” according to HuffPost. Not only did Trump collect taxpayer dollars for his little soiree, but he charged $75.00 per ticket on top of the initiation fee that has doubled from $100,000 to $200,000 since he stole the presidency. No wonder Trump wants to stay in the White House. He’s making a killing. Be sure to mention this the next time one of your Trump supporter friends tells you he’s donating his salary. What’s a paltry $400,000 when you can rake in millions?

The head of Public Citizens jokingly added, “Well, obviously, there are no TVs in the White House, so what alternative did he have? He could have saved money by chartering a plane and flying club members to watch the game at the White House.” Please. Trump isn’t interested in saving money, especially not ours. He’s trying to rebuild his “empire” on our backs. If disclosure of this type of information doesn’t make your blood boil, it certainly should. And it’s only going to get worse until he’s booted out. He did at least have the decency to forego one golfing outing, but before you get too excited, he didn’t want to miss a dinner organized by the “Trumpettes,” which is what a group of his female supporters call themselves. This is utterly disgusting.

One reporter was bold enough to ask exactly what type of work Trump undertook while at the “Winter White House” and was met with the generic response “calls and meetings with staff.” Are the Trumpettes now part of the White House staff? That would be no surprise, since Trump loves surrounding himself with incompetents.

Among his many broken promises, Trump promised to divest himself from his businesses upon assuming office, which hasn’t and never will happen. Joe Walsh, one of the Republicans running against Trump, explained this phenomenon best: “Trump is and always has been a con man. Trump is using taxpayer money to personally enrich himself because virtually all of his travel is to Trump properties. That is the swamp Trump pledged to drain. Trump is the swamp.” Well said, Mr. Walsh, well said.

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