What Donald Trump has to worry about the most

“Donald Trump’s supporters won’t abandon him no matter what.” We hear this sentiment so often, from pundits, from the Resistance, from all corners, we end up taking it as fact. And on the surface there’s a logic to it. If you’re the kind of bottom feeding doofus who’s impressed with a laugh out loud joke like Trump to begin with, what could he possibly do that would cause you to stop being impressed with him?

Here’s the thing, though. Donald Trump’s approval rating is still in the low forties, where it’s been stuck for a couple years now. This is a terrible range for him, as it gives an incumbent very weak odds for reelection. But just how badly does this guy have to botch this coronavirus crisis for people to start giving up on him? That brings us to the new Pew Research poll which shows that 65% of Americans think Trump responded too late to the coronavirus threat.

Wait a minute here. This means there are some people who think Donald Trump was negligent in responding to a threat that’s now killing tens of thousands of Americans, and they still approve of him overall? Welcome to the internal logic of someone who’s in the process of admitting to himself that supporting Trump was a mistake, but isn’t quite ready to give up the full ghost just yet. It’s a sign that Trump is in the process of losing that person.

This is what Donald Trump has to worry about most: the more blatantly he botches this crisis, and the more painful the results become for those Americans who have wanted to support him all along, the more in danger he is of finally losing them – because they’re just plain exhausted from having to rationalize his endless failures in their heads.

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