Everyone piles on after Donald Trump tweets complete gibberish

Donald Trump has been having a bit of a rough day so far at the G7 summit. He managed to misspell Emmanuel Macron’s name twice, and to be clear, he misspelled “Emmanuel” twice and misspelled “Macron” twice. But don’t worry, because – as is increasingly the case these days – Trump has already found a way to sink even lower.

Trump announced on Twitter this evening that “The Media is destroying the Free Press!” Wait, what? Seriously? The media is the free press. This is like saying that “water is destroying water” or “green is destroying green” or “Donald Trump is destroying Donald Trump.” Actually, that last one might be kind of true.

This comes at the end of a week in which Donald Trump referred to himself as “the chosen one” while looking toward the heavens. Trump also declared himself the “King of Israel” while accusing Jews of being “disloyal.” Somewhere in there Trump declared that his own handpicked Fed Chair Jay Powell was an enemy of the United States. Trump also tried to order American companies to cease doing business with China, without realizing that he can’t do that.

But really, “The Media is destroying the Free Press!” says it all. Donald Trump is so entrenched in his handful of repetitive talking points, and so far removed from being able to process what he’s even saying or thinking anymore, he’s now turned one of his own catch phrases into… well, there are no words for how profoundly messed up this is.

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