What the heck did Donald Trump just do?

Over the past week, the rate of decline of Donald Trump’s mental faculties has begun to rapidly accelerate. He makes up stories about embassies. He mispronounces every other word. He brags about how foreign countries are paying him. He rambles about how his entire paycheck is going to drugs. But what Trump did today was new, even for him.

By now we’re all familiar with Donald Trump’s pattern of making up fake approval rating numbers for himself. For instance he routinely claims his approval rating within the Republican Party is 95%, but he doesn’t bother to cite any specific poll, and of course no such poll exists. Trump also loves to quote his overall approval rating from the Rasmussen poll, even though it’s widely discredited. This morning Trump did something different. Here’s what he tweeted:

95% Approval Rating in the Republican Party, a record. 53% Approval Rating overall (can we add 7 to 10 percent because of the Trump “thing?”). Thank you!

That’s right, he made up a fake 53% approval rating for himself, and then complained that it’s not higher. To be clear, he’s not even quoting Rasmussen this time around, which at last count has him at 48% (legitimate polls all have that number even lower). Donald Trump has now declined to the point where he’s making up fake numbers and then complaining about them. How long before he stands in front of the television cameras and starts punching himself or something?

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