What the hell is wrong with this guy?

Something is so wrong with Donald Trump that words cannot even begin to express what it might be. Politico has released a piece detailing how Israel is likely behind surveillance devices found near the White House. Meanwhile, Trump not only refuses to rebuke the Israeli government, but just the other day, CNN reported that he opposes the use of foreign intelligence, including spies who provide our government with critical information about hostile governments.

Seriously, what is wrong with this man? He’s either in cahoots with these corrupt governments or he’s really suffering from dementia, as so many believe. Knowing how much Trump loves and needs money to keep his failing businesses afloat, one must seriously consider that the former is true, and he is getting kickbacks for turning a blind eye.

Trump has routinely gone out of his way to damage relationships with our allies while embracing dictators such as Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un. He “buddies up” to the wrong people consistently as if there’s something in it for him. His friendship with Benjamin Netanyahu is little different. Though Israel is supposed to be an ally of the U.S., Netanyahu is cut from the same cloth as Trump, which likely explains why they are so chummy with each other. Because of that chumminess, Trump refuses to acknowledge (or believe) that Israel could possibly be behind the surveillance devices.

Intelligence officials, however, believe it is not only possible but very likely that the Israeli government is behind them. According to Politico, U.S. officials have been “taken aback” by Israel’s “brazen spying.” One official even recounted his surprise at Israel’s knowledge of internal U.S. policy discussions that were supposed to be private. Looking at Trump and how he embraces these types of people, it would not be too far-fetched to believe he could well be sharing classified information. Honestly, it’s not far from the realm of possibility to believe Trump guilty of many things, including compromising U.S. security.

It has been reported that Trump is extremely “lax in observing White House security protocols.” In fact, Politico reported in May of 2018 that Trump often used a cell phone that was not properly secured to communicate with his friends. In October 2018, The New York Times revealed that the Chinese “are often listening” to Trump’s calls. Trump, of course, brought out his typical “fake news” battle cry, yet one former White House official confirmed that Trump did, in fact, beef up security on his phone following these revelations. So, what’s really going on with Trump? He’s apparently okay with other countries spying on us but doesn’t want us spying on them, even some of the worst like North Korea. It’s very difficult not to accuse Trump of nefarious intentions when all of the facts are reviewed as a whole.

The desire to have unlimited sums of money has always been a source of turmoil for those who will stop at nothing to have it regardless of who they hurt. It is not difficult at all to believe that this is what most drives Trump. Fortunately, our intelligence agencies will continue to do what they were trained to do and can hopefully keep us safe until the nightmare known as the Trump “presidency” ends.

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