What’s going on with Donald Trump’s health now?

Donald Trump’s press conference on Monday was about as much of a disaster as usual. He hurled a racist tirade at an Asian reporter. He appeared to think that a longtime White House correspondent who’s been asking him questions for years, was some new guy. But I want to take you back to something that Trump said on Sunday’s press conference.

I know it’s a little late by now, but it could be important. Someone pointed out to me that on Sunday, Donald Trump said this about hydroxychloroquine: “I’ve used it for certain reasons.” This guy gets so lost in word salad, he may have been trying to say something else entirely. But what if he really did intend to say this?

It would only leave two possibilities. The first, and distinct one, is that he’s lying about having taken the drug because he’s trying to make the argument that everyone should be taking it, as part of whatever grift he’s running. But what if he has taken it in the past, for “certain reasons” that he’s never wanted us to know about, and he just gave something away?

If Trump has taken hydroxychloroquine in the past, it would mean he has a pretty severe underlying health issue that would require such a risky drug – and there are only a relative handful of things that it’s prescribed for. Even if we rule out the possibility that he has malaria or lupus, he could be taking it for severe arthritis.

In any case, Donald Trump just claimed that he’s taken a dangerously powerful drug in the past that’s only prescribed for severe chronic health issues, yet his doctors continue to claim he’s in near-perfect health. That alone serves to underline how disqualifying it is that Trump still refuses to release any legitimate medical records. He often comes off as half dead. What, if anything, is he hiding?

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