“What’s the point?” Donald Trump’s own advisers wave the white flag

From the outside, it appears that Donald Trump, his presidency, and his candidacy are simply crumbling. He has no idea how to deal with what’s gone wrong with the country under his failed watch. He’s unable to find ways to distract the public from his failures. And based on the way he behaves in public, he’s becoming incrementally more senile by the day. But how do things look on the inside?

The worse Donald Trump’s numbers get, the more the pessimists within the Resistance are certain that Trump and his handlers have a secret evil genius plan up their sleeves. If that’s the case then Trump’s handlers should be feeling pretty good, right? They should be pleased that he’s out there tweeting idiotic things. But reality tells a different story. Not only are Trump’s advisers giving up, they’re so frustrated about how it’s all gone wrong, they’re venting on the record to reporters about it:

Multiple aides said they have now even opted to turn off notifications for “@realDonaldTrump,” the president’s personal Twitter account. “What’s the point?” one adviser told ABC News.

Lots of things can happen in five months, and we have to remain vigilant and keep working hard on things like voter registration and voter turnout. The fiasco in Georgia is a reminder of what we’re up against, and how big of a margin we need to win by. But it’s becoming more clear by the day that Donald Trump and his advisers have got nothing in their bag of tricks. Trump is an empty suit, and his advisers are waving the white flag while crying in their soup.

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