Donald Trump goes AWOL

Twenty-nine Americans have died in mass shootings in the past twenty-four hours – at least twenty of them at the hands of a white supremacist whose rhetoric closely mirrors that of the President of the United States. Now would be the time for Donald Trump to step up and take responsibility, or least show some responsibility, if it’s ever going to happen.

That’s to say that it’s never going to happen. Right now Donald Trump is AWOL. Sure, his Twitter account has posted a few generic platitudes that were clearly written by his staff, and sure, he’s probably signed off on these tweets. But where is he? Golfing, like the lazy SOB that he is? Hiding under his desk, because he’s figured out that his racist antics have finally resulted in the kind of deadly debacle that could end up hurting him politically?

There is no President of the United States. There’s just a clown, a career criminal, the objectionable guy you hope doesn’t show up to the social function, taking up space in the office of President of the United States while making things worse at every opportunity.

No one wants to hear from a piece of excrement like Donald Trump on a day like this anyway, so perhaps it’s better that he’s too busy cheating at golf or laundering more Russian money to bother even going through the presidential motions. But make no mistake: we don’t have a president. And we won’t have one until the 2020 election.

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