It’s been sixteen hours since Donald Trump finished his rally speech in Tulsa last night, to a largely empty arena, in what amounted to one of the more embarrassing moments in the history of U.S. presidential campaigning. It’s more than twelve hours since he returned home. So where is he now?

Other than a generic “Happy Father’s Day” message that consisted of nothing more than the words “Happy Father’s Day” and was obviously tweeted by Trump’s staff, Trump’s Twitter account hasn’t produced a single tweet thus far today. Nor did he tweet anything last night. In fact it’s been twenty-six hours since Trump tweeted anything. The Trump regime did send someone onto Fox News this morning to pretend that the rally went better than it did, but even that went poorly. So where’s Trump?

It could be that Donald Trump is yelling around at people behind the scenes, trying to figure out who should get scapegoated or fired for this mess. Or it could be that Trump is simply in bed, silently stewing over everything that’s gone wrong for him.

Prior to the rally, there were multiple major media reports that the Trump campaign had set up this Tulsa rally specifically to cheer him up because he’s become so downtrodden as his numbers have tanked. But if anything, this embarrassingly failed rally stunt has surely put him in an even more hopeless mood. We’ll see what idiotic thing he does next in response. But for now, Trump is missing in action – not a good sign when he’s already on the ropes.

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