Donald Trump whines and cries like a baby about his disastrous rally

It’s been nearly a full day since Donald Trump’s Tulsa rally crashed and burned, and he still hasn’t tweeted anything about it. In fact, aside from a generic Father’s Day graphic that he clearly didn’t make himself, Trump hasn’t tweeted anything about any topic. This comes after Trump was seen looking totally defeated upon arriving home.

While Trump remains publicly silent, it turns out he’s whining and crying like a baby behind the scenes. He’s privately whining and crying about how his crowd was “underwhelming” last night, and that he’s “furious” about it, according to what his baby-sitters are leaking to NBC News. But he’s apparently not furious enough to actually do anything about it or fire anyone; he just wants to whine.

Thats cute, but really, it’s all about him, isn’t it? Donald Trump doesn’t appear to have been nearly this bummed out about all of the awful things that have happened to America on his watch. He didn’t even seem to be this upset when more than a hundred and twenty thousand Americans died in a pandemic. But now that his ego has failed to be stroked by a too-small crowd, he’s downright despondent.

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