Trump and his whiny little babies know they’re losing

Republicans have become whiny babies as the despicable details of Donald Trump’s crimes keep coming to light. A handful of them decided to commit their own crime: obstruction. Like Trump, they think themselves above the law.

It was no surprise to see Matt Gaetz standing front and center. Adam Schiff has thrown him out of a hearing room before. What makes Gaetz think he has the right to go into closed door meetings? He wasn’t on any of the committees involved today. Some of the Republicans who are on the committees joined their ignorant colleagues, proving that this was nothing more than a publicity stunt. They all need to be unseated. This was a clear violation of House rules and the law, and it was purposeful.

CNN reported that Bradley Byrne (R-AL) got in Schiff’s face, yelling like the crazy man he is, but Schiff ignored him, displaying the level of class of which Republicans know nothing. Many of them had cell phones, which they know are not allowed in this secure area. Gaetz even appeared to be tweeting from inside the SCIF, though his staff later claimed they were tweeting on his behalf. These holier-than-thou criminals are out of control.

When the Republicans decided they needed to investigate Benghazi, 32 of their 33 meetings were held behind closed doors. It’s called an “investigation” for a reason. Only the evidence will be presented to the public. No one is privy to investigation materials other than the applicable committees. Why, then, is there now a problem with following the rule of law? Is it because Trump is one of them? Either the law applies to all or there is no law.

It appears that the real intent of this ridiculous stunt was to stop Laura Cooper from testifying, but it’s not going to work. According to Washington Post, the moment Cooper sat to begin her witness testimony, mad (crazy, not angry) Republicans stormed the room. Are they afraid of even more truth coming out than what has already been shared by Bill Taylor? They better get used to it. Trump is a crook. He has taken our country hostage and is demanding things from foreign governments that he has no right to demand. Yet, these people see this as okay? Business as usual, perhaps? Maybe in their world, but not in ours.

This ridiculous stunt accomplished absolutely nothing except to waste taxpayer dollars as the secure room had to be swept after it was over. Reporters in attendance watched incredulously as people who are supposed to represent our government broke the law. Reporter Alex Kotch tweeted “That’s a lot of sitting members of Congress who are physically obstructing justice,” and Ben Siegel of ABC News reported that some of the Republicans were “screaming.”

Washington Post reporter Rachel Bade gives the most likely reason for this embarrassing display: “The GOP members who protested the Cooper deposition have essentially shut down the impeach inquiry for a time.” “For a time” is correct, as they’re not going to stop the impeachment train. It is far out of the station and has no intention of turning back. It is time to rid Washington and us of these phony representatives. Instead of “draining the swamp” as he promised, Trump has filled it to overflowing.

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