Donald Trump has a whole new problem

Sunday was supposed to be a good day for Donald Trump. He could finally take credit for being tough on ISIS, after a long period of demonstrating that he absolutely is not tough on ISIS, and be celebrated as a hero, which is what he thrives on. All he had to do was appear calm while making a solemn announcement about the death of al-Baghdadi and talk about the bravery of those who caught him. He couldn’t even pull that off without embarrassing himself.

Later that day, he suffered one of his most humiliating episodes in public to date when he went to a World Series game. It was one of the first times he was able to get a full glimpse of how widely despised he is. He may try to blame the entire thing on the media as he’s been doing – but this episode will likely stand out in his mind regardless of what his handlers do to calm him down.

He wasn’t greeted in a much better fashion when he visited a property in Chicago on Monday, and now there’s another bit of bad news for him this week: Hiring by American companies has dropped to a seven-year-low, with fewer employers raising pay. This is according to a new survey by the National Association for Business Economics.

None of the stats they found are especially great for the economy – with only 19% of respondents saying they saw their business profit in the last three months. The most telling, part, however, was that they attributed this slowdown to the uncertainty of the trade war. With potential price increases, business owners are reluctant to give out raises. This means that business owners are not only noticing a slowdown, but blaming Donald Trump for the slowdown.

As these people turn against Trump, he loses his best case for re-election, and practical ways to defend himself as he faces more hate in the open. We saw him turn against Fox News when they reported a poll that showed support for his impeachment – and now the question seems to be how much longer Republicans can prop him up. At this rate, the number of news items they can share with him or places they can take him are rapidly diminishing.

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