Why Donald Trump’s top advisers are willing to risk everything to remain in the game

Last night Palmer Report wrote about how the political advisers running the White House are all still playing along with Donald Trump’s delusional insistence that masks and other basic safety protocols still aren’t necessary, even with multiple confirmed coronavirus cases in the building. It raises the question of why they’re willing to risk their lives just to play along.

One theory is that they’re just that loyal to him. But that theory seems to fall apart when you consider that none of Trump’s political advisers are giving the kind of advice or information that could help him in the election. This past week we learned that Trump’s own people have been apparently trying to hide his terrible internal poll numbers from him all along. That’s no way to win an election. So if they’re not actually trying to help Trump, who are they helping?

The answer would seem to be themselves. If you’re a Donald Trump adviser, you know he’s likely to lose the 2020 election no matter what you try to get him to do or not do. If Trump wins, it’ll be because of a fluke, or because Democrats didn’t work hard enough to unite and turn out the vote, not because of anything Trump does.

So if you’re a Trump White House adviser, you figure you’ve got six months left to keep milking this corrupt regime for whatever you’ve been personally getting out of it. In the meantime, why risk being the one to try to talk sense into Donald Trump, when doing so could cause the increasingly erratic Trump to prematurely get rid of you? What’s remarkable is that these advisers must be so committed to whatever cons they’re running, they’re willing to put their lives at risk just to remain in the game for another six months.

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