The “Rod Rosenstein wearing a wire” story just took a serious turn

What do a malignant narcissist, a body wire, and eight days in May have to do with anything? Well, the one guy who pops up is the United States Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. He is the thread that weaves through the dramatic period in recent history when FBI Director James Comey was fired and the Special Counsel was appointed. He is the one who wrote the memo outlining reasons to fire Comey, and he is the one who appointed Robert Mueller.

So let’s go through the facts. Trump is without a doubt a malignant narcissist. His disorder causes him to speak grandiose lies, to forever keep the spotlight on himself, and to marvel at the fact that firefighters rush into burning buildings to rescue people “they don’t even know.” But his biggest problem is that his narcissism makes him extremely vulnerable to flattery. And that makes him very very very dumb.

We have James Comey fired on May 9th 2017, and eight days later, Rod Rosenstein appoints Robert Mueller III on May 17, 2017. Andrew McCabe, acting FBI Director at the time, is now saying Rosenstein was serious about a body wire. It makes one wonder if those eight days in May were busier than we know.

The question is, was Trump being recorded? Was he being flattered into speaking to his then-trusted Deputy AG Rosenstein as he bragged to Russia’s foreign minister Sergey Lavrov on May 10, 2017, about firing Comey? He said “I faced great pressure because of Russia. That’s taken off.” Did he also say such things to Rosenstein? Were they recorded? Narcissism is a dangerous drug. Ask Paul Manafort.

If Rod Rosenstein was wired, it’s an intelligence-collecting wet dream. A malignant narcissist turned loose in the White House to brag about whatever he wants while his “trusted” Deputy AG, who wrote the memo on which Comey’s firing was ostensibly based, sits and listens. Along with everyone else. We’ll have to see if things played out this way, but one thing is for sure: previous discussions of the 25th Amendment, as is now being revealed by McCabe, were certainly propped up by some kind of incident. Lordy, there might really be tapes