Roger Stone takes the witness stand during hearing, crashes and burns

Roger J. Stone, Jr. mewled and whimpered in front of Judge Amy Berman Jackson today in order to keep his freedom. His apologizing was profuse as he expressed his own personal disappointment in his conduct. “I recognize that I let the court down. I let you down. I let myself down. I let my family down. I let my attorneys down. I can only say I’m sorry. It was a momentary lapse in judgment. Perhaps I talk too much,” wrote Darren Samuelsohn, a reporter with Politico who was watching the hearing in real time. Stone expressed his stress over the situation and used it as an excuse for his horrifying Instagram post of the judge’s picture with crosshairs near to her head. Roger did everything but lick Judge Jackson’s face.

Welcome to the new world of Roger Stone. Suddenly the visions of orange jumpsuits, and prison forever and ever, are dancing through his head. Somehow his lawyers have managed to make him understand the kind of trouble he is in. But if Manafort’s situation wasn’t enough, then what is?
The judge was incredulous about Stone’s ability to control his “volunteers” and his choices. This is his MO. He is happy to target individuals when they can’t lock him up. Now he is petrified. Judge Jackson asked him, “You had a choice?” Stone agreed that he chose the photo. “It was an error,” he whined. Then he promptly couldn’t recall the names of the “volunteers” who had access to his phone, whereby the Instagram post was made. Wow.

So the party of “Personal Responsibility” can just whine and cry and everyone will feel sorry for them and give them a cookie and a pat on the head, and send them on their toxic way. No. No. No. No.

This is a travesty. Even the judge agreed Stone’s behavior is indefensible. But the great thing is his lawyers are so horrible, they put this fool on the stand. His spin and lies and disrespecting fabulousness imperils him greatly. And he still thinks he can squirm his oily way out of this. Talk about enough rope to hang himself. Roger Stone will get a complete gag order and he will continue to post through his naughty “volunteers” and take interviews. So let’s consult the Table of Drops. He’s a goner.

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