William Barr just threw himself to the wolves, and Donald Trump is next

Right on cue, Bill Barr has now un-recused himself in the Jeffrey Epstein case. No surprise there since he did much the same thing with the Mueller investigation. Only this time, Barr pulled a complete turnaround in less than 24 hours. Whatever could be the motivation? The screams coming from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

Donald Trump has been tweeting about everything under the sun except his friend Epstein’s arrest. His new fixer, Bill Barr, will now actively try to block investigations, committing felony obstruction of justice, but that’s just Barr’s destiny. It’s likely Barr will end up heading to federal prison in the end, along with Alex Acosta and Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance if it’s proven they participated in a quid pro quo. But what’s interesting here links to my earlier New Mexico article about Epstein’s ranch. This thing has legs.

If there are girls filing civil suits in New Mexico, you can be sure there are girls in Paris, the US Virgins and any other place Epstein may have crawled around. State charges haven’t been filed yet, as far as we know, but given the savvy nature of the SDNY, you can be sure they’re working closely with the New York Attorney General. The minute Barr intervenes, it will go down like Manafort, with unsealed state charges.

The other thing to watch for is that this was handled by the SDNY Public Corruption Unit, so it’s a given we’re talking about more people in this case than Epstein, and they were/are public officials. Epstein’s operation went far and wide, so buckle yourself up for years of revelations. Keep in mind, however, that this may not be the straw that breaks Trump’s back. Fox is already questioning the new charges, and Republicans are referring to 13-year-olds as “young women” instead of what they are, children.

We have neither a dead woman nor a live boy pinned to Donald Trump, so he’s still kicking. But we do have one thing coming up: Trump Model Management. This will be or surely has been a part of the Epstein investigation. Trump may not have needed Epstein’s services when he could gratify himself with his own under-age models, but now that the dam has broken on Epstein, look for the Trump models to start lawyering up and going to their local prosecutors. The tsunami has rolled ashore with the first wave. Every subsequent wave will be worse.

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