Donald Trump’s bizarre “Women for Trump” hallucination isn’t exactly going over well

On a day when Donald Trump had already used his Twitter account to falsely accuse an MSNBC host of murdering a woman, and had already depicted a Democratic Congressman holding a noose, you’d think Trump couldn’t find a way to get even more grotesquely weird. You’d be wrong.

At around midnight, Donald Trump decided that there’s a group called “Women for Trump.” Maybe there is and maybe there isn’t; at this point we don’t care. But here’s the hallucinatory part: Trump has decided that according to the group Women for Trump, Joe Biden somehow isn’t even going to be the Democratic nominee. That’s right, Trump is so distraught over the fact that he’s losing to Biden in every swing state, he’s now asking for a different opponent.

At this point everyone is mocking Donald Trump so thoroughly over this, “Women for Trump” is trending just because everyone is making fun of the idiot. Has he gotten into a secret stash of mushrooms or something? Did he fall down and hit his head?

This comes on a night when Trump also had a meltdown about “Fake Pulitzer Prizes” and tweeted something about the Alamo. For anyone else, today would be seen as rock bottom. But because this is Donald Trump, it’s a given that he’ll be even dumber tomorrow.

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