Donald Trump’s worst damage of all

When the Trump regime comes to an end, the aftermath could be catastrophic. We will not only have to rebuild and strengthen the pillars of our democracy, we may also deal with communities suffering permanent physical damage as a result of Trump era policy making – destruction that could afflict us at home and abroad.

There’s the damage from his pointless trade wars and the distrust he’s sowing among America’s allies, not to mention the atrocities committed against our neighbors at the southern border. But perhaps the most reckless action taken by this administration has been its treatment of climate change, with much of the party following Donald Trump’s talking point that it’s a hoax rather than a very real danger – both for national security and the long-term economy.

Staff members across several agencies of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) drafted a 33-page plan back in 2017 to help farmers adapt to climate change and also offset some of the effects. Even though farmers make up an important part of Donald Trump’s base, the administration chose to suppress the findings, according to a new story from Politico. It’s hardly the first time the administration has tried to bury scientific findings – hoping to discredit the researchers rather than propose ways to reduce carbon emissions before temperatures rise past the point of no return.

The science-based plan detailed steps to be taken over the next five to eight years, therefore delaying steps that could off-set crop failures and food shortages as a result of hiking temperatures and rising sea levels. As temperatures rise and regions become uninhabitable, we can expect to see more migrants flee their home countries for better land and conflict to break out as resources become scarce. The GOP likes to position itself as the party of limited government, that does away with regulations and votes down intrusive plans into the lives of American citizens – but in this case, doing nothing is one of the worst things you can do.

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