Jeffrey Epstein’s death is Donald Trump’s worst nightmare

Jeffrey Epstein didn’t stop any problems for those around him with his apparent suicide. It is very possible to commit suicide even in maximum security. He was actually not on suicide watch when he died, according to NBC News, and narcissistic personality disorder types like he was do often commit suicide when the narcissistic injury is sufficient. Facing the rest of your life as a pedophile in prison could pretty much do that.

But while Epstein’s problems are now over, and his criminal case is defunct with his death, everyone’s else’s problems just multiplied exponentially. Again, the “convenient” death of a high-powered troublemaker seems very Putin FSB, but even if we just take Epstein’s death on face value, the troubles for these people are worsened.

There now is no one to challenge the search warrant on his properties; there is no one who can file a motion to suppress. All the material collected is the Feds’ and the Feds’ alone. So, Dershowitz can spin grand and glorious legal theory about why any tapes of men raping underage children are deep fakes that Epstein created to blackmail the high and mighty, but the people on grand juries are still going to see all the evidence. All of it. And seeing is believing. Hearing Epstein confess would have been good, but we can already hear the “liars gonna lie” argument to discount his confession. Sitting through a movie of a person sexually assaulting a child would have more of an impact.

Donald Trump should be afraid most of all, but he is stupid. He no doubt thinks with Jeffrey Epstein’s death, he’s now off the hook. If Epstein had evidence against him, soon he’ll discover there’s no way he can protect himself from it. It’s going to be hell going forward for everyone involved.

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