Yep, Donald Trump really is going to prison

Evil really doesn’t die. Trump’s COVID 19-sniffling, dementia-tweeting, diaper-leaking displays just show him moving forward like the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. He’s led the country into mass graves, yet now is holding his daily coronavirus briefings as a substitute for his campaign rallies. Don’t expect that to end until he’s removed in handcuffs.

But he will be removed that way unless by some strange fortune, he drops dead before January 20, 2021. Don’t count on him dying. As enfeebled as he’s become, he’s being propped up by Adderall and a clown car of sycophants. While in office, a**-lickers like Bill Barr will follow him anywhere. Even to ADX Florence.

In these days of too much time on our hands, let’s take a peek at ADX Florence. It’s the highest maximum-security federal prison in the country located within sight of the beautiful Rocky Mountains, though they can barely be seen through the 4-inch-wide window in the cell. When Trump is finally taken down by SDNY, this is where he must be put just for his own security. He wouldn’t be safe in general population. Besides, when his usefulness to Putin is over, Putin will want to be completely rid of this buffoon. They’ll have to throw Trump in Supermax just to keep Putin from poisoning him.

Trump’s narcissism makes him stupid and we wouldn’t be surprised if he’s got a back-up plan to flee to Russia or North Korea should he lose the election. But he’s too stupid to see that this isn’t going to happen for him. Nobody will touch this guy once his Presidential usefulness is gone. No country will want to piss off the US that much. Not even Kim Jong Un.

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