You just knew Donald Trump was going to drag Abraham Lincoln into this sooner or later

Donald Trump has repeatedly claimed that he’s accomplished more than any other U.S. President. He’s also claimed that he’s been treated more unfairly than any other U.S. President. While literally every past U.S. President has done a better job than Trump, his hyperbole immediately conjures up Abraham Lincoln – who accomplished infinitely more than Trump, while being treated far worse.

But while Trump often likes to delusionally claim that he’s the “best” at everything, on Saturday he tried showing a little faux-humility, in one of the most tone-deaf ways possible. Trump tweeted one of his fans who said “Trump has done more for Blacks than all the other Presidents combined! Are we together?” Then Trump added this: “So true, although Honest Abe wasn’t bad.”

Donald Trump is one of the most openly racist men of his generation. He claimed that white supremacists were “very fine people.” Trump got 8% of the African American vote in 2016, and he’s on track to get less than that in 2020. But sure, in his mind, when it comes to how much he’s helped black people, he’s on par with Abraham Lincoln – who freed the slaves. Even if Trump meant this as some kind of perverse joke, it’s delusional that he’d even voice it.

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