Donald Trump, you’re fired!

Donald Trump continues to muddle along and create problems for the nation. He is rallying his base to racism, with his relaunch of using the term “Kung flu” to address the coronavirus. Kellyanne Conway, who previously accused the press of lying about the use of such term by the White House and asserting that if the person would be identified, punishment would be meted out, now says whatever Trump says or does is peachy.

This morning, after a Fox News commentator talked about Lafayette Park and the conduct of William Barr and Trump in this horrific treatment, Trump tweeted: “A @FoxNews commentator just ripped me with lies, with nobody defending. They talked about the “friendly” protesters (they set the Church on fire the day before. They were anything but friendly), and how I stood and held the Bible upside down – it wasn’t upside down. @edhenry”

We get it, Trump, you want us to be Orwellian and 1984ish, not paying attention to what our eyes have seen. Also, under our Constitution, you cannot punish and attack and pepper spray peaceful protesters for what someone else did the day before. That is not how our criminal justice system works or the rights of our citizens and guests.

Trump appears to believe he is the head of the Gestapo or some other dictatorial body, but alas, you are only leasing the title of president, and on November 3, you will be voted out in a massive wave of karma on you, when American will say conclusively, “you’re fired!”

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