Total debacle for Trump and the House GOP finally comes to an end

While “President” Trump was busy embarrassing us in the UK, the House finally secured approval of its disaster aid bill with a 354-58 vote. That means there are 58 scumbags in Congress who don’t give a hoot about Americans who suffer through no fault of their own.

Each time Congress tried to pass this bill, it was blocked by a Republican. First, as reported by Palmer Report, Chip Roy of Texas blocked the bill, claiming that a unanimous vote couldn’t be heard because Congress had recessed. Thomas Massie of Kentucky then blocked the bill, taking the mantle from Roy and arguing that everyone wasn’t present and couldn’t vote. He took a real tongue-lashing on Twitter for his behavior.

One Twitter user, responding to Massie’s tweet that he was going on some unknown talking head’s show to explain away his ludicrous behavior tweeted to him: “As someone whose hometown got hit by a tornado last night, let me cordially invite you to stop being a grandstanding dickhead.” That works for me. He had no reason for blocking this bill other than, as another Twitter user responded, “Unanimous Bipartisan Agreement: Massie’s time to disagree and get himself a little press.” That also works, as there is no good reason for holding up aid to people in dire need.

The final culprit was John Rose of Tennessee, who also blocked unanimous consent. The vote was not unanimous, and it passed anyway. This is merely another example of Republicans failing to represent their constituents, regardless of the consequences to those constituents. Now that we have a big baby in “President” Trump, it’s apparently okay for all the other Republicans to join him in the sandbox.

One of the most laughable comments to come out of the session came from Chip Roy, who said that full debate was necessary because spending should be offset with other spending cuts and that he was concerned about the national debt. Since when? Republicans are never concerned about the national debt when they cut taxes for corporations and the wealthy. Besides, if “President” Trump would stop running up a government tab with his constant golf vacations, some new legislation could be offset by the millions that he has wasted to date. And let’s not even mention his costly tax scam, which could pay for social programs across the board.