Everyone piles on after Donald Trump has bizarre “THE LONE WARRIOR” meltdown

In the latest sign that he’s falling apart in the cognitive department and/or simply giving up hope altogether, Donald Trump’s tweets keep getting more brief and incoherent. There are frequently long stretches where he doesn’t tweet anything at all, and then he’ll suddenly post just a few words in all caps, as he descends into a parody of himself.

It happened again today when Donald Trump posted this bizarre tweet:


The Lone Warrior? Really? Does anyone even know what that means? Numerous observers on Twitter asked if perhaps he was trying to say “The Lone Ranger” instead – but even that raises the question of whether he’s trying to call himself by that name, or if he’s merely tweeting about whatever reruns he’s watching on TV. This is, after all, the guy who keeps tweeting “LAW & ORDER” for no apparent reason.

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