Donald Trump falls to pieces

The USS John McCain scandal from last week showed us an uglier side of Donald Trump. It’s not so much the fact that he’s petty, vindictive and can’t understand how someone can oppose him politically and still love and serve their country honorably. It’s the fact that he’s so far gone, his own staff went to great lengths to keep the ship out of sight in order to avoid an ugly and humiliating public meltdown. When we learned that this was the case, we wondered what else they were keeping from him. It turns out to be quite a bit, actually – particularly when it comes to 2020.

According to a New York Times report, the main person trying to keep Donald Trump isolated from the bad news is actually Donald Trump. When polls first showed Joe Biden beating him by landslide numbers, Trump instructed his aides to say he was doing well in other places.

This is a bit of a tall order, as the poll showing Trump losing to Biden also show him losing in not just states he needs to win like Florida or Michigan, but also poorly performing in Texas, which hasn’t gone blue in four decades.

Anything could happen between now and the time of the election, but Trump clearly has his heart set on Biden being the nominee, and has already begun treating him as if he were. Because Trump’s upcoming visit to Iowa overlaps with Biden’s time there, his camp is treating the visit for all intents and purposes, as an attempt to troll Biden – seriously – hoping that it will fuel up Donald Trump for 2020, who has been desperately trying to paint Biden as old and in feeble health. Fox News is aiding and abetting him in this effort – trying to create a reality to base his lies – the mainstream media and Democrats would be wise to not feed it further.