Donald Trump’s stooge Kevin McCarthy goes completely off the rails

GOP Congressman Kevin McCarthy is an idiot, even by Republican standards. But he managed to figure out that if he buddied up to Donald Trump, it would make him House Minority Leader. The thing is, McCarthy has had to pay for it with his soul – if he ever had one to begin with.

Last night, Kevin McCarthy tweeted this “Everything you need to know about the Chinese coronavirus can be found on one, regularly-updated website.” He included a link to the CDC, and it’s nice to see a Republican admitting science exists for once, but what the heck is the “Chinese coronavirus” supposed to be?

This is just so blatantly and ignorantly racist, it’s mind blowing. The virus is either called the “coronavirus” or “COVID-19.” There is no reason in the world to call it the “Chinese coronavirus” other than to try to blame Chinese people for the virus in the United States. There are about five million Chinese-Americans, and Kevin McCarthy owes every one of them an apology. As a House leader, he’s supposed to be representing all Americans, not setting up a segment of Americans to be stigmatized.

But hey, saying something racist probably just scored Kevin McCarthy some cheap points with Donald Trump. We liked McCarthy better back when he was busy getting caught on tape accusing Trump of being on Vladimir Putin’s payroll. You can find that CDC link here.