Donald Trump is having a pretty horrible horrible night

Donald Trump visited Maine today, just in time for the state’s leading newspaper to call on him to resign. While he was gone, Trump’s own handpicked Secretary of Defense Mark Esper pulled military troops from the streets and disarmed national guard personnel without warning Trump that he was going to do it. Then things got really ugly.

The Mayor of Washington DC painted “Black Lives Matter” in giant letters on the street directly outside the White House, and renamed that street “Black Lives Matter Plaza.” There doesn’t appear to be anything Trump can do about it.

Trump tried to take out his frustrations on Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, falsely accusing him of having censored a video for political reasons. But Jack fired right back at him, fact checking him in real time. Then Trump tried to force NFL star Drew Brees to side with him over his teammates, and Brees quickly responded by siding with his teammates over Trump. Somewhere in there, MSNBC hired Donald Trump’s longtime nemesis Lisa Page as an on-air legal analyst.

Donald Trump is having a no good, very bad, horrible day. This is what losing, and losing control, looks like. We’ll see what kind of day Trump has tomorrow. Hopefully it’ll be even worse for him.