What Donald Trump should REALLY be worried about right now

The person who has called almost all media outlets fake news, has now evolved from an ordinary liar into the number one purveyor of fake news himself. With everything else going on in the world, Donald Trump thinks he has nothing else to do than (mis)report the weather.

As a follow up to his Sunday tweet, Donald Trump found it reasonable to report inaccurate news just to cover his own ass. He thinks the public is gullible enough to find Trump’s awkward sharpie decorated show and tell project to be truthful. This is not normal. Four days after the National Weather Service called out the inaccuracies of his Tweet, Trump is still chewing on it, like a dog with a bone. He will not let go.

Between golfing and spreading fake news, as a category 5 hurricane ravaged the Bahamas, and headed towards the south-east coast of the United States, Donald Trump had nothing else to do but plot and scheme as to how he could show the world that was not wrong. Well, Mr. President, here is a list of other things you might have been considering and acting upon:

1. Working with the National Weather Service’s accurate information to plan for the after-effects of Hurricane Dorian

2. Think about the states that will lose money, and the soldiers who will suffer, due to your illegal redirection of $3.6 billion to pay for your illegal branded Trump wall

3. The Democratic candidates who will take #2 and run with it in 2020

4. The after-effects of the redirection of funds

5. Race relations

6. Gun Violence and the misuse of the Second Amendment to justify the widespread ownership of AR-15 guns

7. The deal you are unable to procure with China. You promised us that you are the greatest dealmaker. We are already heading into the 13th round of talks.

8. The farmers who are suffering under your tariff war with China

9. Bad polls and even worse polls

10. Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden