Sean Hannity goes completely off the deep end as Donald Trump circles the drain

As Donald Trump’s negligent mishandling of the coronavirus crisis continues to become more blatant, and his approval numbers continue to worsen, even some Fox news hosts are incrementally distancing themselves from Trump. They pretty much have to; if large chunks of their audience start to blame Trump, these hosts have to go along with it in order to retain their audiences.

Then there’s Sean Hannity. He’s pretty much built his audience around the premise that Donald Trump is a god who can do no wrong, and that literally everything that happens is a conspiracy against Trump. He can’t abandon Trump. So instead, as Trump circles the drain, Hannity is doing this:


Sean Hannity thinks he’s playing peacemaker between Donald Trump and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo? On what planet is Hannity this important? This is beyond delusional – and beyond desperate. If Trump goes down, Hannity goes with him, and Hannity knows it.