This is just sad

We all knew that once Donald Trump was finally officially impeached, he would take his deranged antics to a whole new level. Sure enough, he’s now doing precisely that. The thing is, he’s showing us that there’s no rhyme or reason to how he’s lashing out, no strategy, nothing that might help him out of this jam.

In his first public appearance after yesterday’s impeachment vote, Donald Trump used his Michigan rally speech to assert that the late Congressman John Dingell – a local hero in the region – is in Hell. This was so derangedly over the line, even some local Republican Congressmen are now demanding that Trump apologize, if only because they understand that attacking John Dingell is a surefire way for the Republican Party to lose in Michigan.

There’s no strategy here. None. Even as some observers bend over backward today to try to figure out what Donald Trump’s strategy is here, or how this is a grand scheme to change the subject, or how this might somehow magically help him in 2020, I’m telling you, there’s (obviously) no such thing going on here. Trump is just a small man, lashing out in small ways, because he can’t handle what just happened to him.

We have to watch Donald Trump more closely than ever now. But he’s not going to play this like some normal, mentally competent villain would. He’s not looking for an advantage, or leverage, or some unlikely path to victory or survival. He’s not even trying to burn it all down. He’s just trying to hurt the feelings of one widow who rebuked him this week, by attacking her recently deceased husband. This doesn’t somehow help him. He’s past the point of caring about that. He’s just a bully, playing it safe by picking on an isolated target. He’ll keep focusing on this nonsense, even as the Resistance focuses on finishing him off.