Treasonous slime ball Donald Trump just sided with Vladimir Putin over President Obama

Russia got kicked out of the G8, thus making it the G7, after Vladimir Putin and Russia invaded Crimea and seized it from Ukraine. Everyone knows this – even Putin. Just don’t try to tell that to Donald Trump, who is now pushing an imaginary version of events that absolves Putin and places the blame for Russia’s ouster from the G8 on President Obama of all people.

Donald Trump told a group of reporters today that Russia was only ousted because Putin outsmarted Obama, thus making him look bad, and Obama wanted revenge. No really, the traitorous piece of filth actually said this. Just to make sure he didn’t leave any doubt as to what he was trying to say, the treasonous scumbag used the word “outsmarted” three times in the span of three sentences.

In other words, Donald Trump is now openly siding with murderous dictator Vladimir Putin over United States President Barack Obama. We all know Trump has always felt this way, and he’s certainly made his feelings clear several times on the matter. But now Trump is just flat out admitting that he’s a Russian operative whose only allegiance is to Putin, and that the United States doesn’t mean anything to him.

This alone is grounds for impeachment, removal, the 25th Amendment, and an indictment on felony charges. None of that will happen at the moment, because Donald Trump and his allies currently control the Senate and the Department of Justice. But Trump just outed himself as a traitor who shouldn’t even be allowed back into the United States when the G7 summit is over. The only solace is that once he’s no longer in office, he’ll spend the rest of his miserable life in a prison cell.