Hope Hicks is in deep trouble

Former Trump White House Communications Director Hope Hicks, Trump’s White House counsel Pat Cipollone, and a Department of Justice lawyer are committing crimes in real time now. By refusing to allow a former employee of the White House to answer questions from Congress, they’re forcing the issue to go to the courts for an enforced subpoena. Again, we find ourselves immersed in the Trump primordial ooze.

All of this was predictable, of course. Hope Hicks is young and doesn’t want to go to prison for perjury. Nor does she want to spill the beans and miss out on the confetti of attempted Presidential pardons should the courts force her hand to tell the truth. The lawyer for the Department of Justice should have his license yanked along with the White House Counsel. That is the very best they should expect after this fiasco.

Trump has not yet finished outrage-tweeting about his beloved Hope Hicks and her terrible, awful, no-good harassment by members of Congress. Hope Hicks is in the cabal of Trump, Fox News and the Republican money machine. She needs to remain untouchable and Trump will do everything he can to protect her.

But as we’ve said before, the truth will come out. Others are testifying without all the hoopla. Information is being gathered and pieces are coming together no matter what Trump does. And we also have our Superman: Representative Ted Lieu, D-CA, who will never let this fade into the night. He is dogged and smart. He knows the drill and he has the patience to go through the process. Hope Hicks, along with the others, will be facing jail time at the end of all this. But being in the Trump bubble, she and the rest of the cabal don’t believe it can happen to them. Our money’s on Lieu, the courts and time.