Donald Trump’s Acting Secretary of the Navy goes off the deep end about Captain Crozier

Whenever someone does the right thing, in a way that happens to expose Donald Trump’s corruption and incompetence, Trump and his regime always either fire that person or make up a phony scandal about that person. The latest hero/victim of this vicious cycle is Captain Crozier, who sounded the alarm about the dangerous coronavirus outbreak on his ship.

It’s not enough that the Trump regime relieved the Captain of his duty, even though his crew clearly thought he was a hero. Donald Trump’s Acting Secretary of the Navy Thomas Modly (that’s right, we don’t have a real Secretary of the Navy) is lashing out at Captain Crozier, calling him “too naive or too stupid” to be in command. They’ve already taken the guy’s ship away from him; now they’re trying to smear his reputation as severely as possible.

We see this pattern over and over again, and it clearly comes from the top. Donald Trump is the kind of spiteful loser who’s more interested in using his regime’s resources to carry out petty obsessive vengeance, than he is in trying to turn his presidency around and make himself popular enough to get reelected. Our “President” is a psychopath.